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85 Days  Indeterminate

Organically grown.  Pineapple is an heirloom garden favorite that grows to up to 2 lbs. The plant produces huge, slightly flattened, yellow beefsteak tomatoes with a red blushing and streaks on the outside. Its yellow interior contains few seeds and a red starburst in the center. Taste is wonderfully mild with tropical fruity-sweet flavors. A good choice for slicing into sandwiches or salads. This is a show stopper!

These tomato starts will be in 4” pots and will be available for local pickup in mid to late May.

Determinate VS Indeterminate

Indeterminate Plants

  • Ripen over a long period of time
  • Climbing type
  • Need to be staked

Determinate Plants

  • Ripen over a short period of time
  • Bush type
  • Good to grow in pots, plants stay short