Lavender Floral Syrup


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Made to order and must be refrigerated once received. It will have a shelf life of 3-4 month. This vinegar is not one of those wimpy flavorless vinegars that you might pick up at the grocers. Syrupy with the suble flavor and aroma of Lavender. A little goes a long way. We infuse fresh organic lavender grown here in our gardens into white wine vinegar and then highlight it’s natural sweetness with organic raw sugar. Use this versatile condiment in place of regular vinegar in dressings and marinades, brush on roast chicken or pork as a glaze, splash over roasted veggies or drizzle over artisanal cheeses, add to baked goods and puddings. For something special, add to a glass of sparkling water to create a refreshing shrub. What’s not to love!

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cane sugar, distilled water, fresh organic lavendar