Why We Choose to Grow Heirloom Varieties

We only grow Heirloom vegetables at Lady Kate’s garden and there are several reasons why! Keep reading to find out…

Besides being charming and delicious, heirlooms are extremely hardy. Disease and pest resistant and able to grow in harsh and short climates, they’ve developed those characteristics themselves and we love them for our short Montana summers. They play an important role in organic gardening. Heirlooms are purely bred, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Growing these varieties and preserving their seeds plays an important role in enhancing biodiversity in an era full of GMO varieties and chemically manipulated hybrids.

It is extremely important that as the landscape of commercial agriculture changes, we preserve our pure varieties. Pure breeds of vegetables are dying out due to being genetically engineered, commercially grown to all look and be the same size and color and are less and less resistant to climate changes, drought and pests. Maintaining and growing these varieties is key to making sure we have a pure and organic supply of vegetables for generations to come.

Heirlooms are delicious! Not only do heirlooms provide more nutrients than their commercially grown counterparts, the taste is far superior. Chefs favor heirlooms for their flavor and versatility, as do home cooks and gardeners. If you ask me why I choose heirloom varieties, my first answer is always, “Because they taste the best!”

There is also a sentimental attachment to heirlooms- these are the vegetables our ancestors grew. Completely natural, nutritious and flavorful, they haven’t been altered genetically and many varieties have been passed down for hundreds of years and generations. A tribute to our forefathers who grew and ate whole foods, heirlooms have an incredible connection to history and the earth and maintaining their purity is of upmost important to organic farmers and growers.

So who are the heirs to the heirlooms? Hopefully it’s you. Our wish is that we all pay attention to where our food really comes from and what we are putting into our bodies. Heirlooms may not all be the exact same size shape and color from plant to plant, but we can guarantee they’ll have the best flavor, texture and more nutrients than anything else on the market. We encourage you to try gardening using heirlooms and pass the importance of them on to your children so we can preserve these whole foods for generations to come. There is something very special about growing your own food, cooking together with your family and creating those memories with your loved ones.

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